I'm launching a newsletter on green tech & climate


Thursday I’m launching a twice-a-week newsletter focusing on climate and green technology. I promise it’ll be brief, free, full of bullets, and include at least one thing a day that makes you say, “Huh!”

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The Details

Stopping and reversing climate change is the only universal problem across our planet. As pressing as other issues may seem, each pales in comparison or may actually get worse if we don’t band together to fix the warming of our Earth.

The trouble for average people is, incremental change isn’t visible on a daily basis, and so many solutions need to be simultaneously employed to stop global warming that it gets hard to track and hard to keep in focus exactly what can be done as well as what’s being done to fix the problem.

I aim to fix that. I’m not a scientist, but I used to be a policy staffer at U.S. Department of Energy. I’ve also been a political consultant, a political reporter, and I’m an M.B.A. who has started, operated, and sold a few small companies. Putting those things together, this week I’m launching a newsletter, heatrising.net, that focuses on the green technology transition and the global warming we need to fix.

I’ve been workshopping this idea with a few friends for a few weeks, and here’s what I learned: Keep it short, punchy, informative, use bullet points. That’s what I’m gonna do.

It’ll also always be free, your data will never be sold, and I plan to intersperse things I’ve learned from politics, reporting, and my time at one of the federal agencies that deals with climate and green tech.

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Not interested? That’s cool. We’ll still be friends, and I get that you’ve already got enough on your plate. I won’t bother you about this again.

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