Climate is changing tourism; Green is changing the job market

It’s August, so barely anything is happening in Europe while North Americans still work, but really only “pretend work” because it’s August and what’s the point? In the climate world, there’s still plenty of scary weather things happening, but I think you get the point: It’s much hotter than usual.

So, I’m going to ease back on the climate throttle a bit today and basically present a climate collage. In your service, I read a ton of stuff and some broader ideas have been rattling around in my brain, but lacking a narrative. So, here they are.

Enjoy your weekend!


Block Island Wind Farm, the US's first offshore wind farm. (U.S. DOE)

Our radically changing job world

Although we may know that our world is changing at a breakneck pace due to the transition to green energy, often you can’t necessarily see the changes unless you’re really looking for them. A good part of the explosive U.S. job growth over the last two years has been green jobs. So, here’s a few jobs and kinds of projects that didn’t really exist until the last five years or so.

Summer tourism will never be the same

Does your summer this year include big vacation plans? Maybe you’re making some changes because of the intense weather? Climate seems to be impacting our favorite tourist spots more than even, maybe so much that we’ll not want to go anymore.

Other Things Happened

You made it to the bottom! Here is a pretty good video of every 90’s EuroDance song. Also, I’ve watched kids go down this slide, and I have no idea how this Boston cop went down so fast.